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Video Plans

Build strength and become more supple with my unique home workouts. 

Each plan includes 5 video workouts.

One time purchase, no monthly subscriptions!

Strong & Supple Workout Series

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Pelvic Floor & Core Edition

In this post-natal safe pelvic floor and core edition I have put together a set of unique workouts to help you regain strength, control and stability in your pelvic floor and core.

It is safe for post-natal ladies form 8 weeks, but is also suitable for anyone who feels they would benefit from having stronger core muscles and improved mobility.

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Beginner to Intermediate Edition

In this beginner to Intermediate Edition I have put together a unique set of workouts to give you a full body workout. The focus is on building strong, lean muscle through a series of body weight and resistance band exercises, complimented by improving flexibility and muscle tone with focused stretches.

Each workout is kept to less than 30 minutes and can easily be done at home.

  • Pelvic Floor & Core

    Pelvic Floor & Core Edition of the Strong and Supple Series
  • Beg. to Intermediate

    Beg. to Intermediate Edition of the Strong and Supple Series

Usually £75

Usually £75

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