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My Vision

After myself struggling with depression, undergoing a hysterectomy, and learning to live with a chronic pain condition I want to help women everywhere, regardless of ability, age, or size, become the best version of themselves. 


About Rebecca

Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

I trained as a dancer from a very early age and was one of the lucky few who went on to make it my career. I retired from Dancing in 2008, spending the next 10 years as a stay at home mum, raising my two boys. I became interested in focusing on women's health and fitness for a variety of reasons, but mainly, I just love being able to help women feel better about themselves. In 2017 I became a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, and so began the next phase of my life!

My background as a dancer beautifully complements my training from within the fitness industry, enabling me to offer a unique style of training.

I help women become stronger and more supple by focusing on key elements such as strengthening core stability and posture, and improving flexibility.

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