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Lets start at the beginning...

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Well, the beginning of this stage of my life at least! In 2008 I was 28 years old, happily married and about to give birth to my first son. Life was good. But little did I know it was about to come tumbling down.

Suffice to say, my delivery was anything but routine. 36 hours in Labour (no pain relief) eventually resulting in forceps; I was completely traumatised.

The forceps delivery left me with a 3rd degree tear and damage to my bladder. I was later diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis; a chronic pain disorder with no cure. Over the next 9 years I had 10 operations to help manage the pain. Some more successfully than others, but nothing that was long lasting.

I also suffered badly with post natal depression. Later, after seeking the help of a specialist councillor, I was told it was more likely post natal PTSD.

But i was stubborn and determined to have another child. It took 2 years with my specialist councillor before I felt ready. I also insisted on a elective c-section!

The 2nd pregnancy was tough as I had to come off my pain meds. But I got through it. However, following the successful delivery of my 2nd son, I once again fell victim to post natal depression.

I lost myself for a very long time. Not only was I struggling with 2 children under 4 and depression, but I had given up Dancing to become a full time mum, so I felt like I'd lost my identity.

Eventually over time, and with the incredible support of my husband, I came out the other side. I decided to re-train as a Personal Trainer, knowing I wanted to specialise in Womens Fitness, and I've never looked back.

I hope this first blog post gives you a little more insight into me. I also hope it gives you hope.

My qualifications and life experience mean I really do understand. Being a woman is tough. But women are also extremely strong.

No matter what blocks your path, you will find a way to overcome it and keep moving forward.

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1 Comment

Nicola Tolson
Nicola Tolson
Jan 24, 2020

What an amazing story. I'm sure every woman has a back story but this is just incredible. I find it hard to believe that you have gone through all of this and come out of the other side, shining, smiling and offering help and support to so many of us. Your understanding of our challenges not only time but more importantly our physical challenges make you the number one 'go to' personal fitness trainer. I'm just grateful that you live in my area and I can touch base with you - often. I love your online presence as it keeps me structured and accountable :) Thank you Rebecca. You're very brave to put this down for us all …

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